Rajeev Gupta Foundation

“Main bhi Kalam” Scholarships for Engineering Students & Primary School students

Under the stewardship of Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta, a qualified engineer, ex-technocrat in Govt. of India and a Social-Entrepreneur, “Rajiv Gupta Foundation” is dedicated for its mission for the service of humankind to contribute in making a society, where there are equal opportunities for the extra-ordinary talents from geographically and economically deprived background.

Towards its aim to contribute in bridging socio-geo-economic divide, “Rajiv Gupta Foundation” has adopted rural meritorious children to provide modern education facilities. These students defied the limitations of inadequate facilities available in rural areas and yet shone brightly by performing so well, in their early academic journey. “Rajeev Gupta Foundation” celebrates individual excellence of these students and supports them through a program of scholarship.

In its yearning to further the agenda of supporting the emerging rural talents, and to celebrate and reward the individual excellence & triumphs of these talents, “Rajeev Gupta Foundation” launches “Main bhi Kalam” Scholarships, to support exceptional talents of Dayalbagh Educational Institute.

The foundation aims to provide a scholarship / courseware sponsorship to the best enabled rural brains from economically challenged background.

The details of this scholarship are as follows –

To prepare role models for society by providing state-of-the-art education facilities to talented rural children.

  • The scholarship shall be available to only those students who have completed their 10th from a village school and their family income is less than Rs. 1.2 Lakh annually.
  • Only those students who have undergone the selection process of Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), shall be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Rajeev Gupta Foundation (RGF) will accept the selection, scoring, rating & examination/evaluation process of Dayalbagh Educational Institute for the purpose of getting the ranking of the student.
  • DEI shall provide the list of top students, their score in selection process (for 1st year engineering course) along with their address, schooling details and family income details. The student may belong to any engineering stream (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical etc.).
  • The highest scoring student (in DEI first year selection process), who belong to rural and economically deprived background, shall get the complete amount of admission and tuition fee reimbursed by Rajeev Gupta Foundation (RGF).
  • The college shall inform the RGF about details of the next semester fee, to enable RGF to release the fee (Tuition Fee / Progression Fee) to the student. On paying the fees, the student shall provide the actual Fee Receipt to RGF. In case, the student doesn’t provide this, s/he shall not be considered for further assistance/scholarship.
  • The second & third topper (as per DEI and RGF criteria), will get Rs. 7000 and Rs. 5000 per year, respectively, for the purchase of courseware. The student has to send a pro forma invoice / estimate to RGF. The amount as per actual (max 7K and 5 K respectively for 2nd & 3rd Topper) shall be reimbursed to the student against the pro forma invoice provided by book-seller. On purchase of books, the student shall provide the actual bills/invoice to RGF. In case, the student doesn’t provide this, s/he shall not be considered for further assistance.
  • Next year, if these three students retain their respective top positions (in DEI first year exams) the scholarship (tuition fee and progression fee) shall be continued to them as per same scheme, else the scheme shall be applicable as per new ranking (based on their 2 semesters’ exam results and RGF criteria i.e. rural/economic).
  • The selection of next year’s top 3 students shall be based on the score of first year exams (2 sem exams). The scores of these exams have to be provided by DEI to RGF.
  • Next year, In 2016-17, 3 more toppers will be chosen for this scheme from the fresh 1st year batch, as per RGF criteria. The rating/details/scores need to be provided by DEI to enable the selection of new beneficiaries.
  • The decision of Rajeev Gupta Foundation shall be final with regards to policies regarding selection of the student(s) for scholarship or continuation of this scholarship program.