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Sapphire Smart Home

Sapphire Smart Homes

Guided by an IIT-Kanpur alumni, Sapphire Smart Homes are exactly what blends the ultimate 21st Century technology with lifestyle. Mr Rajeev Kumar Gupta, left his Central Government job in Ministry of Telecommunications and founded Ruchira Group in 2004. The group is dedicated to creating maximum value for its stakeholders. Call to find out what happens when an IIT Kanpur Electrical Engineering alumni steps in the real estate world. To achieve this, the group leverages cutting edge technology, innovative thinking based breakthrough development and process approach and competence of best in class suppliers, partners and technology providers. About SAPPHIRE Situated in Jaipuria Sunrise Township, opposite to Columbia Asia Hospital at NH-24 Ghaziabad, Sapphire is that residential project which provides a perfect blend of lifestyle and the latest technology. The house of your dream is truly SMART in all senses as you have control over every functionality of the house from anywhere in the world through it’s mobile app and voice commands. Being the first of its kind project in the segment, Sapphire Smart Homes promise the ultimate living experience like never before, backed by Teletask and Amazon Alexa. Situated right on N.H.-24 at a distance of approximately 20 minutes from Connaught Place, spread over 2 acres and comprising of 22 floors, this is the budget home you have been looking for.


(Over 75,000 sq.ft.of Common Amenities)

A Rooftop of Luxury

at 15,000sq,ft. of Supphire skyDeck you expreince :

  1. Fully Equipped Gym
  2. Sky club With Commercial
  3. Modern Bistro Counter
  4. Indor Yoga and Pilates Studio.
  5. Rooftop Digital Library
  6. Exterior Glass Partition for
    Maximum Sun Exposure.
  1. Water Feature
  2. Rooftop Gazebo
  3. Open Patios
  4. Open Yoga Space
  5. Tot-Iot area
  6. Vertical Greenery
  7. Garden Trellis
  8. Cicular Cabana

Where Dreams Unfold:

60,000 Sq.Ft. of Landscape Awaits Your Family’s Joy :

  1. Entrance Drop Off
  2. Water Cascade
  3. Amphittheater
  4. Olympic Size Badminton
  5. Smart Acess Pool with:
    1. Deck Area
    2. RFID Approach from Basement
    3. Changing Rooms
  6. Navgraha Pavillion
  1. Trellis Walkways
  2. Open Parking
  3. Surface Car Parking
  4. Jumping Jets
  5. Sitting Deck
  6. Kids Play Area
  7. Ramp to Basement
  8. Approuch Road
  9. Green Area
  10. Basement Acess Staircase

Elevate Your Lifestyle : Unlock 30+ Rooftop & Landscape Amenities in Our Luxurious Smart AI-Enabled Homes  

About Teletask

Teletask Domotics is a Belgium based company founded in 1984. Design and manufacturing of smart home products is their core business. Together with a worldwide network of certified distributors and system integrators, they offer high-quality solutions with pre- and after sales services. It was founded in 1984 and guarantees high quality and reliable home automation solutions. They are a pioneer in the home automation landscape of residential and professional buildings and became one of the largest manufacturers for it. Teletask is the company with the longest worldwide experience and offers you high-quality products with a proven track record in thousands of projects which use hundreds of thousands of their products. These products are powered 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Made for decades. The products have a timeless and unique design with a high range of features and top quality level. Teletask has become a solid partner with second-to-none experience since more than 35 years, in 40 countries worldwide.

“Alexa, open the blinds in kids bedroom at 7 am”

Our homes are capable of voice interaction, phone automation, opening doors, operating lights, fans, electric blinds, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing real-time information like weather, traffic, and so much more.
Rough day at work? Let your home warmly welcome you with a hot shower by simply saying- Alexa, turn the water heater on. Don’t want to wait for the hot water? Use your Teletask Mobile App from your office desk/car and turn the water heater on from there. Our fully voice and phone automated homes let you talk to your home and let it do all the work while you simply command.
3 Layer security- We believe that home is where your family is safe, which is why our smart video door phone keeps you updated with all wanted and unwanted guests appearing at your doorstep. For when you’re not home, one doorbell will notify your phone, three bells and you will receive a phone call with live footage of your doorstep to take the necessary action. Let the guest in? Now you have options too- you may let the guest access all rooms, lock every room except for the living room, or only let the access in to selective rooms of your choice.
Raise expectations, not your budget!

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